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Employee Financial Wellness

Support for your employee’s financial wellness

To improve financial health we must lay the groundwork by building healthy habits with our financial goals in mind. Our financial wellness solutions help do just that so your employees can stay focused, happy, and productive, instead of stressed with their finances.

You dictate the level of support your employees receive—from financial education to one-on-one personalized coaching. We can work with you to determine what is best for your unique demographic.

Financial Wellness

of employees are interested in speaking with a financial professional.*


of employees are interested in  financial planning tools.*


of employees are interested in non-retirement financial education and resources.*


of employees say they would like more holistic benefits options to address the current economic climate.*

*2022 Voice of the American Worker Survey, Franklin Templeton, 2023.

Financial Education And Employee Engagement

We recognize the importance of customizing an employee’s journey and desire for independence so we built financial education and engagement strategies for all learning styles.


  • Financial Planning Tools
  • Digital Financial Courses
  • Topical Webinars
  • Financial Calculators
  • Market Recaps

Personalized Support

  • Access to Financial Advocates
  • Live Chat
  • 1-on-1 Consultations 
  • Topical Webinars 

Financial Wellness Hub

  • Plan Details 
  • Educational Videos
  • Support Access
  • Important Contacts
  • Personalized Messages

Building a Healthy
Financial Foundation

Want to go beyond financial wellness? Foundational Planning provides a full range of financial planning and advice services covering a broader and more robust offering of financial health resources than a typical Financial Wellness Program.

Foundational planning combines an online technology hub, personal support from FINRA- registered financial advocates, and detailed financial reporting, so every employee can take control of their financial life.


Creating Budget

The budget is the foundation of a financial plan. We can help make a savings and spending plan that you can actually stick to and will help you reach your financial goals.


Goal Setting

Setting goals can be a tough task, but it is an important step toward securing their financial future. Before we create a financial plan, we’ll work together to define and document your employees’ goals.


Asset Allocation

A sound portfolio management strategy begins with asset allocation. We will help guide employees towards a strategy based on their retirement timeline and investment personality.


Retirement Planning

Employees are looking for help in all aspects of retirement planning from start to finish. We can help with all three major stages: accumulation, preservation, and distribution.

Personalizing the
Investing Experience

Portfolio Advisory Services provide your employees with tailored savings and investing advice to help them reach their retirement goals. Using personalized data we help employees decide how much to save, when to retire, when to start collecting Social Security, and we build and manage custom investment portfolios for employees.


Personalized Asset Allocation

Using personal data points, employees receive portfolios that may create advantages over standard Target or Risk-based models.


Savings Rate Recommendations

Determining the amount of money to save for retirement is important based on household income, debt, expenses, and goals. 

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Withdrawal Strategies

The focus oftentimes is on saving for retirement – creating a tax-efficient withdrawal strategy is the other half of the battle.

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Social Security Optimization

The timing of your social security claim likely has an impact on the benefits you receive, so determining the optimal timing is important.

Portfolio Advisory Services are only available with select recordkeepers. Please contact today to learn more.

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