Pensionmark Expands Proprietary Investment Tool Suite

By July 18, 2017

Pensionmark unveiled a suite of additional proprietary investment reporting tools this quarter.

The new enhancements provide Advisors and their Plan Sponsor clients even more comprehensive investment analysis and reporting support. The enhanced tools include the SMART Score Investment Monitoring System, qualitative Manager Research Reports, Target Date and Stable Value Analytic Reports.

SMART Score is a proprietary scoring system to monitor client investment lineups. The tool identifies investment managers whose approach more properly aligns with retirement savers, while flagging and addressing those whose approach does not. The scoring system emphasizes consistency and long-term risk-adjusted out-performance versus peers.

The Manager Research Reports provide a full accounting of the qualitative aspects of an investment strategy under consideration by a Plan Sponsor. By detailing aspects such as investment strategy, buy-and-sell decisions, risk controls, and manager and analyst compensation, the Manager Research Reports provide Plan Sponsor committees the ability to review investments beyond the typical quantitative data standard reporting systems provide.

The Target Date and Stable Value Analytic Reports provide additional quantitative and qualitative analysis specific to those investment types beyond the SMART score data. Advisors and Plan Sponsors can view their current Target Date Series or Stable Value fund either as a standalone or benchmarked against up to three other options. Data and analysis for these new tools is gathered and prepared at the Pensionmark corporate offices office and delivered to Advisors and Plan Sponsors on demand. These new tools allow Pensionmark Advisors to deliver more expansive and in-depth reporting to their clients, and provide Plan Sponsors comprehensive documentation of their investment options and fiduciary decisions.

“As a firm, we reached a point where there wasn’t a tool out there that provided our Advisors and Plan Sponsors with the breadth and depth they were looking for. As opposed to relying on third-party tools, creating in-house reporting not only allows us to provide unbiased analysis, but also take full control over enhancements to stay on top of the latest regulatory, legislative and industry changes to address client needs,” noted Ronnie Cox, Director of Investments for Pensionmark.

About the Pensionmark Advisor Support Program

Pensionmark’s Advisor Support Program provides its affiliates a full-service suite of deliverables and the groundwork needed to position their practices for long-term growth without losing the spirit of independence. In addition to benefiting from the size, strength, and relationships of a national consulting firm, customizable solutions allow the affiliate to select the support level that best suits their business model and client base. Pensionmark’s centralized service design provides time-tested reliability in investment analytics and due diligence monitoring, plan sponsor and participant employee education systems, compliance support, and preparedness of the DOL Fiduciary Rule.